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This Newbie needs help... with layers

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This is my first post and first time using paint.net. I am a complete newbie :)

What I need assistance with is this: I have one text .jpg logo and a picture collage in.jpg that

I am trying to combine to make one logo. I want the text logo to go above the collage.

A good example of what I am trying to achieve is this site:[http]

Is that possible in paint.net? How would I go about doing it? Think newbie explanation.

Thank you for any guidance and assistance you can provide.

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1.) Open the background you want to use.

2.) Go to Layers --> Import From File and select the image with the text.

From there, there might be more steps, but it's hard to tell without being able to see your images. If you could post your images, I would be able to help you more. Good luck. :D

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