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3D (glasses) google earth, or real life (simple)


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I will show you how to make realistic 3d google earth (or anything really) images. Yes, there is already a tutorial for popping out 2d images, but that looks more like a picture is popping out, rather than a 3d structure. To Cycle from Google earth in full-screen to PDN, simply press the start button to show the task bar at the bottom.

*This doesn't have to be in google earth, it also works with real life cameras.

The Final Product:


(first off, Uncheck everything under LAYERS except 3D buildings and Terrain)

1) Find the structure/city/planet that you want to make 3d. For this Tutorial, I will be using New York. Be sure to Uncheck the searches so they don't appear in Earth.


2)Go View-Full Screen or Press F11 to expand the viewport. Then View-toolbar, to get rid of the toolbar.




3)(Assuming paint.net is already open) While viewing the city/structure/planet you want to do, press PRINT SCREEN, the button on your keyboard above BACKSPACE. In a new layer in Paint.net pres CTRL+V or Edit-paste.


4)In Google Earth, click and hold your mouse at about the middle of the screen, then drag about 3/4 of an inch or two to three centimeters to the left. BE SURE YOU ONLY GO HORIZONTALLY! If you move it even a pixel down or up, it will ruin the effect!press Print screen then Paste (CTRL+V) in a new layer on paint.net.


5)select the bottom layer, click ADD LAYER. select the top layer, click ADD LAYER.


6)In the color wheel, move the picker to CYAN, the very left of the wheel, sky-blue-ish. (NOTE: if your 3D glasses are not red and cyan, instead of selecting cyan in PDN select whatever the right eye color is)


7) select each blank layer and fill it in with that color


8) While selecting the top colored layer, press CTRL+SHIFT+I to invert it to red, or whatever the other color will be.


9) for both the colored layers, double click each and set the blend mode to SCREEN


*Now is a fun time to hold your glasses up to the screen, you'll notice you can see clearly through one eyepiece, but the other is blank!


10)Click the top redish layer and select Merge Layer Down. :MergeDown:


11) double click the top layer and set the blend mode to Multiply.


12) Wait a minute? What's this? i-is that a Stereoscopic red-cyan custom made 3d image on your computer monitor? How did THAT get there?


Go to Image-Flatten to make it one picture

Your Done! Save This, and do it again and again to your hearts content! :lol:

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This actually uses offset pictures which is how you get a real 3D effect instead of a pseudoeffect like Tabou's gives you.

To do this with your own pictures, put your weight on your left foot and take a picture. Tehn shift your weight to your right foot and take a picture. Use those images as your starting points and you can create an anaglyph of whatever you'd like.

This only works if your subject can stay perfectly still for this process, so no 3D images of children will be possible. :)


Do not click the picture above. It will take you to my site, and I don't need the anxiety.

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