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Weathered and or peeling paint effects

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Currently I am attempting to create posters that resemble vintage signs so I would need to fade and age them and in some cases make the paint appear to be peeling in areas. I have most of the good plugins but have not been able to get the really good effect I want. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

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For peeling, try the page curl plugin


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I can't help with metal signs, but if you want it to look like an old wood sign, try this:

Plan the shape of the sign. Add noise and duplicate the layer.

Motion blur on the new layer.

Make the design on a new layer.

Merge the wood layers, and place them above the deisgn layer and go crazy with the eraser.



For metal, I guess you could try rendering clouds to simulate rust, but that's the extent of what I've tried.

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Cracked and peeling paint.

If these Crack Effect brushes seem useful they can be downloaded here:



Extracted from the .rar file with this:



Removed from the abr file with this:


Or this:



And used in Paint.NET with the CustomBrushesMini plugin.


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