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Dissolve v1.3 (10/1/09)


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'Tis my first plugin!

What Does It Do:

It does exactly what the name implys, it dissolves one image onto another.

What Does It Look Like:



Image A --> yhsjjie-23.png

Image B --> yhsjjie-24.png

Final Image --> yhsjjie-26.png

(Default settings used.)


Download the DLL >> Dissolve.zip


Source code (for programmers >> DissolveSRC.zip



10/1/09 - Plugin updated. Picture now changes when file path is changed.

8/29/09 - Screenshots added.

8/29/09 - Code updated with code from Simon Brown.

8/28/09 - Plugin posted.

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An alternative fix for that would be to replace:

if (FileNameBox.Text == "") return;


if (!File.Exists(FileNameBox.Text)) return;

Although the new file still wouldn't just be loaded when the text is changed, to have that simply add a textchanged event to the textbox calling FinishedTokenUpdate().

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A picture of what the plugin does would be far more useful than one of what the dialog looks like.

Yeah, sorry about that. I meant to do that earlier but I got sidetracked. Screenshots added.

That's better -although it doesn't currently refresh when the path in the textbox is changed. ;)
Actually it does, if you play with something else in the UI first.
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DLL and source code added. Links provided by ReMake.

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