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Create a Professional-Looking Product Advertisment Mockup


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Thats my not too great attempt.

Stock photo used:


Great tutorial, though!

I'll give it another try soon.

I actually used the picture for facebook.

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The hardest part of ending is starting again. 

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Nice Tut heres my go.


Very nice.

One thing that I think may slightly "enhance" yours would be to put a dash between "Dualshock 3" and "YOU are in control". I think that you just read it too quickly, and without the pause between in your head.

Otherwise, great photo!

The hardest part of ending is starting again. 

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Hi, i'm new here. well, i had a problem with step no. 6. The with specks won't dissapeared, i choose image with 3000x3000 resolution, when i resized it down, i won't dissapeared and when i used MAGIC WAND tool, it create Checkerboards and i copy it into the working canvas, when it's saved, i looked at what i've done, the white specks still appeared, please help me

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pumpam, step 6 of this tutorial instructs you to cut out a product from a stock image so that it can be used on your working canvas. If a simple Magic Wand operation does not work for your stock image, you'll have to use a more complex method.

Read Cutting out images by Simon Brown to understand the basics of... cutting out images.

The above is a good illustration why it's better for new users to first try the tutorials in Begginer Tutorials before attempting the, often more difficult, tutorials in the other tutorial sections.


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Hey I love this tutorials even though I know that this is a slightly older tutorial, but anyway here is my attempt :D

I will edit this for ads on my website XD


I love the outcome

Signature to be here if i were to put a signtaure here but to put a signature would defy the point of me typing this, so I'm going to leave this here until I can put a signature here because I need a signature here.

If you are

Reading This

then I lol because

It doesn't



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