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Colored Glow?

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I was wondering....

Is there a way that with the glow plugin, I can get a different COLOR glow? Like maybe an updated version if it isnt too much trouble could be coded to have you select a glow color, I know you can Do the neon stuff which is basically what it is....

But I was wondering, like say I wanted this...


I made that, but with a website that let you make a little banner like that with the star, and it added the stuff..

it is from GR sites.

Say I wanted to make a black background, with yellow text and a red glow....How would one go about that?

Screenshots would help and a good explanation.

(the signature is for my "clan" I run in Battlefield 2, a game with GREAT graphics)

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The glow on the outside of the text... so I guess an outer glow.....But I figured out I could just make a thick line and Gaussian blur it about 25-50 pixels and put the text on top of that, if that is what you were saying in the first post...

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