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Divide photo in half

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My original is 3456x2304 and I can crop it down to something like 3300x1650 which is easy enough so far. The part that has overloaded my last few remaining gray cells is I then simply want to cut it exactly in half so I have both a square right half and a square left half. I am using some web album software that can then resize to my final dimensions (like 800x800). The web album is like a book. When the page flips over, I would then have the two "halves" and have almost a panorama view. I am trying to find an easy, foolproof way to do this. TIA

(I did read through the rules, the faqs and did a search. Maybe I missed the forest for all the trees)

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what I would do, is use the canvas size option...

  • click on image> canvas size
    uncheck the "maintain aspect ratio" box
    set your pixel size to 1650 width, 1650 height
    and the important part, set the anchor point to left
    then save this half of the photo, naming it what you want
    then click undo, to undo the canvas size
    and repeat for the right half, naming it something different

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Thank you both for your help. I opted to follow Curmudgeon for two reasons-he sounded more like me :lol: and I did not want to have to manually position the cursor. My procedure is/was:

Open Paint.net, open image (which in my case was 3456x2304)

Choose Rectangular Select (top left in Tools Window)

in Selection Mode just above that, choose "replace"

Enter Fixed Size 3300x1650 (PIXELS) in my case

Move the selected area around to where you want, then press "Ctrl Shift X" which now makes my "final" image 3300x1650

Select Image > Canvas Size > by Absolute Size and enter 1650 width (half the width of image)

Choose Anchor and select LEFT (left being important)

Now save the resulting image/file under a name you like eg, img_name_left.jpg

Click UNDO

Click Image > Canvas Size and enter 1650 (which applies to this example)

Select Anchor RIGHT (big key point here)

Now save this as img_name_right.jpg (or as you prefer)

Have a soda pop or other.

You should now have two equal halves of an image that does not require an "jiggling" or manual adjustment of your mouse.

For some reasons unknown to me, sometimes (*), it will appear in Windows Explorer that the image sections have not been cropped. When used in the application though, things seems fine.

I do not believe this violates any forum rules and I am NOT promoting, but I am using this in an application where a demo can be seen at:


If so, I apologize and mods, delete as appropriate.

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