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Can you turn off the pen pressure function?

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I love drawing on Paint.NET but sometimes it gets real difficult due to my Wacom tablets pen preassure abilities, I have found no way to turn it off and I was wondering if anyone knows how?

I deffinetly DO NOT want to have to use my mouse for when I want to draw so I get a same-sized line, and using the line tool deffinetly dosent work while trying to sketch

Also are there any blur tools like in Photoshop in Paint.net?

Please awnser~

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Not sure about your question about the pressure. I'm sure someone else can answer that.

There are blur effects under Effects > Blur. There are some that come with the program and many blur plug-ins you can download. :wink:

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And Paint.NET 3.5 has a public alpha available, so if it's critical that you not have pen pressure sensitivity, you can download and use that. Note that Paint.NET v3.5 is pre-release software and has many known and unknown bugs, so save often!


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I know about the Effects > blur thing, I was curious if there was something else

And removed as in it wont be there at all? well.. that kinda sucks, Im gona miss it cuz i still LIKE the pen preassure thing, I just wish I could turn it off sometimes like when Im inking a picture

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Hello. Why was the pressure sensitivity taken away?

I have been using Paint.NET in the classroom for a couple of years for one project at the begining of the year, so each year I learn a little more as I teach the students, etc.

I do want to say how much I appreciate PDN. We do have Photoshop, but I really like to start with PDN because I know the students will be able to use the program at home! Thanks!!

Anyway, over the last year I added 3 Wacom tablets and have plans to add an additional 6-9 in the next few weeks, specifically for PDN and Photoshop.

So, I am just getting to this party a little late and seeing that the pressure sensitivity was added...but then deleted? Why? What needs to happen for it to come back? More people asking for it?

Also, is there specific list of tips for PDN and Wacom (even with out the Pressure)?

BTW, I did SEARCH: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=29819&hilit=wacom+pressure , but it doesn't state why, and since this forum doesn't like people to use existing "OLD" threads and probably doesn't like NEW threads with a FAQ that needs additional info, hopefully this will pass the forum police. If this is a FAQ, please direct me in the correct direction. In my searching, I see somewhere around Jan 2009, it went from MAY NOT be in the next version at all, to "WILL NOT be in the next version, get used to it".

And I did the search for Wacom Tips...and after a couple of tries (and dealing with the short timer) I got: No suitable matches were found.

Also, I tried to read the rules, but not sure where they are. I searched, and came up with this:

viewtopic.php?f=29&t=26921 but that doesn't seem to be the same rules that a member referenced against another poster (i.e. 1.2), etc. I also searched the FAQ, but it doesn't have any rule numbering either. Ahh! I found it it: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=3446 The other set of rules was for Tutorial. WOW! As a teacher, I know rules...but this site takes the cake!

So, not sure if this post violates a specific rule or not...except maybe arguing...but I am really trying to find answers. ;) And justify spending money to buy more tablets.

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This link is the custom search, which yeilds more detailed results that the forum search: http://www.getpaint.net/search.html. Try that with "Pressure Sensitivity" and the fifth link takes you to a thread wherein Rick says:

Because it's been causing no end of problems, with various tablet drivers causing all kinds of crashes or problems. Like reporting weird values for pressure that cause the paintbrush to fill the entire canvas with just a small tap.

Does that answer why it's being removed?

See how helpful Forum Policemen can be? :lol:

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Does that answer why it's being removed?

Thanks for the reply. Well, I hope they can fix it. I have been really excited about introducing the tablets to my students as they officially started with PDN yesterday...and was bummed to learn of the challenge. I guess it was rather moot anyway as we are using XP...new computers for this year...but they came with XP. I just wish it had a feature to turn it off...so if somebody's installation didn't work, the simple answer would be, "Turn it off".


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