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Joker's Make up or Scars...

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Hey folks, im really having trouble at making the jokers make up, even adding the scars to a picture...

im trying to do a picture of a friend of mine as the joker, but it just looks basic, ive seen people create decent versions.in which the face looks like its been painted with make up the eyes have running/smudged make up and the scars looks fantastic.

if there is any tutorials to create these then plese could you post??

it dosent even have to be the heath ledger version.

much appreaciated.

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I've never done it before, but if I had to guess how, I'd probably get the source picture, draw a white part on a new layer for the mask, and use the brush techniques in the tutorial to get the eyes and lips drawn. Then, I'd duplicate the layer with the friend's picture, make it the alpha mask, and the makeup part should form over the face and give it a facepaint look.

Displacement and Alpha Mask pluggin:


Faking Soft Brushes and Burn/Dodge/Blur Tutorial:


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