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Newcomer BBCode Practice Thread?


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I'm looking for the unofficial Newcomer BBCode practice thread.

The thread where a newcomer can make a post or two and edit them.

Make mistakes while learning forum technique without trashing up

someone else's thread, and everyone else knows not to bother visiting

the thread.

Someone suggested I might find it in The Alfredo.

Any help?


BBCode Guide:


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Hey, thanks for the tip nemo.

I searched < +newcomer +BBCode +practice, and it led me right to it. >



Good Morning

This is Great!


They haven't lied to me yet.

SMALLHUGE! (shhhhh)

LOOK AT ME! (shhhhh )

In my travels around this wonderful world, I have

met many strange and intriguing creatures.

echo "This is not some code";

If I go on like this long enough, it turns into a novel.


The links below are just for practice. Nothing of value to download.


Same link:


Same here. http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=423 ... 6297737394







This definitely helped.

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There's no need whatsoever for this. Just play with the Preview button.



The Doctor: There was a goblin, or a trickster, or a warrior... A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. And nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it. One day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world.
Amy: But how did it end up in there?
The Doctor: You know fairy tales. A good wizard tricked it.
River Song: I hate good wizards in fairy tales; they always turn out to be him.

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