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Cartoon Bubble Package?

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I liked BoltBaits example of how to make a cartoon talk bubble. Very simple way to make. But I was wondering if a "Cartoon Talk Bubble Package" may be in the works. My husband just tested to see what the next Windows OS is going to be like. It was offered by the Windows site as a beta test drive before it's officially brought out. I tested the new MS Paint program out to see what all they had new... if they had changed it. Only thing I seen is that they had their old buttons replaced with new ones & cartoon bubbles pre-made.... almost as if it was in a stamp-like format.... like a circle, square, etc. :ShapeBoth: You could stretch it to re-size the bubble, or choose amongst different emotional bubbles (e.g. thinking, excitement, regular conversation bubbles) You could change the position of the bubble without having to use the "flip" effect. Just drag the top of the image down and the "talk arrow" is facing up. :? I just searched for so long in this forum, then did an actual search in the search box but couldn't find anything on this subject I'm asking about now. If this has all ready been discussed, just let me know and I'll see if I can figure out a way to move it to the appropriate forum section. Just please don't delete me! :cry:

P.S. PDN Members
I know a lot of you guys/gals do a lot to take time out of your day/night to code all this stuff... whether it is easy or not to anyone. Your time and effort into making these effects is appreciated! :D I tried coding at one time (for a h.s. project) to make a calculator on the computer... All I could do is give the buttons color and give the calculator a flowery background. :oops: I don't mean to sound picky, honest. I was just curious if such things are possible to be done. :D

Thank You,

P.S.S. Sorry if this sounds like a "pick on Boltbait day". It's not meant to be and I have no intentions on it sounding like that. He's the only one I can think of right off for now that has done some projects I like, that are very close to what I'm looking for. Sorry if nothing sounds right... kinda tired now...Stayed up late to post this but couldn't help myself. I want to know if it can be done.

Cartoon Bubbles
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I haven't yet. But I did come across it when looking to see what was new on the forums. From what I gathered from the picture, it looks like it's only for certain types of circle brushes. Nothing too descriptive about the CustomBrushesMini file other than it's suppose to help clean up what brushes you do have. And I see that it has a button to import brushes. I didn't see any other examples other than the layout of the display. Can you import free Photoshop brushes? Does the imported brushes have to be made only in paint.net? I will try it later, but have to get ready for work now. Thank you for your time and input Simon Brown. :)

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