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A question about flip effect

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I just wanted to say I updated Boltbate's package- as well as the Flip.dll file. It looks to have been made better. I don't mean to sound picky :oops: .... but is there a way to get the image on it's own layer to flip horizontal/vertical without it being flipped to the other side of the page? Kinda like when you cut and paste an image in a new layer or on the same page... it stays/shows up in the exact place I need it to be... by the way is a VERY major help whomever created that little piece. It helped me restore someones photograph that was in very bad shape. It helped a lot, but oh the patience. :D

P.S. PDN Members
I know a lot of you guys/gals do a lot to take time out of your day/night to code all this stuff... whether it is easy or not to anyone. Your time and effort into making these effects is appreciated! :D I tried coding at one time to make a calculator on the computer... All I could do is give the buttons color and give the calculator a flowery background. :oops: I don't mean to sound picky, honest. I was just curious if such things are possible to be done.

Thank You,
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I didn't understand what you meant by flip until I looked under the effects menu. :oops:

I've been trying to use Image -> Flip Horizontal/Flip Vertical OR Layer -> Flip Horizontal/Flip Vertical for the longest time. My bad. I figured the new version was updating the Image & Layer tab flip effects.... when it was in the Effects tab this whole time. :oops: Gaah! :x I must've overlooked it by accident, been adding on and forgetting what I've added on last. :oops: Thank You for your help! :)

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