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Bitmap mode for Paint.net

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"When converting a color image to Bitmap mode, first convert it to Grayscale mode. This removes the hue and saturation information from the pixels and leaves just the brightness values. However, because only a few editing options are available for Bitmap mode images, it’s usually best to edit the image in Grayscale mode and then convert it to Bitmap mode. "

After this, there are several tools you MAY be able to use.

The one I found that may work for you is Threshold, which converts the image to black and white I believe (according to the threshold level you select certain pixels can be omitted)

Search for this plugin or check, it is in the adjustments menu.


Other plugins may be available though.

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Paint.NET is a bitmap editor. It's always in bitmap mode.


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Kirby145 knows what I'm talking about. I tried threshold with not so great results earlier, but after some thought, I realized that the Alias plugin could also be helpful for thinning out the lines, with Feather to make them look less jaggy. I think I'm just going to have to make cleaner lineart and play with the scanner settings and see if that makes anything better.

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