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How to shrink or expand specific pixels

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Hi everyone,

I need to know how to manipulate specific pixels within an image. For example - I want to shrink or bulge a specific area of a photo without affecting the rest of the photo.

The standard "Bulge" feature found under Distort is not what I'm looking for. That bulges a huge portion of the photo. I want to be able to point and click the mouse and bulge or shrink only a few pixels at a time.

I was reading the plug-in listing for an hour last night and didn't come across anything.

Can someone please help???? Thank you!! This is a GREAT program, I'm really excited about it!!!!!

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Just use one of Paint.NET's selections tools to pick the area you want to use the effect on.

There is Rectangle Select, Lasso Select, Ellipse Select, and the Magic Wand. Use one of those tools that will best suite you needs to use the effect on the specific area. A selected area means that any effects chosen will only be applied to that area.

Hope this helped. :wink:

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Hi, thank you! But unfortunately, that doesn't seem to do what I need. I just selected the area I want to manipulate, and I did the bulge feature, and the newly bulged area turned a much darker color, and looks very fake.

In PhotoShop or Picture It, you could click the mouse in a certain area and just move the pixels in or out. You would click and drag and the pixels follow the mouse.

Any ideas?

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Found one for smudge - that doesnt work either. Found a displacement plug in - that's not it either.

I want to be able to point to a spot on a photo, hold the mouse button down, and drag. At that point, the pixels will move in the direction you point, or follow the mouse pointer. You can use this to very FINELY tune a photo. I don't want to apply an effect to large groups of pixels or selected areas of the page. I need to be able to finely manipulate pixels a few at a time.

I don't know what that's called in PohtoShop though but they use it to trim down the waists and thighs of supermodels. LOL.

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