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How do I do this?

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If you dont know how to do this, I highly suggest you start out with a much simpler paint program. This is very easy

Just make a picture and select your face with the rectangle select tool. Then, move it to a different picture, and put it on the right side of the canvas. then make a black rectangle on the left, and type the words.

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How are you getting your picture into the same canvas - copy/paste? If so, when you paste a region, Paint.NET will both allow you to expand the canvas to fit, and automatically create a temporary bounding box around that region and allow you to manipulate it before you finalize it to the layer. You wouldn't really want to expand the canvas in this scenario, but the manipulation bit should be what you need.

So, once you paste your picture in there, choose "Keep Canvas Size" to preserve the original image size. You'll see your picture pop in on the current layer with an outline around it and nubs on each corner. Grab one of those nubs and drag it inward to shrink the size of your picture to fit. You can hold [shift] while doing this to reduce it by equal proportions horizontally and vertically so it doesn't end up looking squashed.

Helpful hint:

Make sure you paste your image onto a new layer so you can resize and crop it without messing with the black background. To do this, click Layers -> Add New Layer, then make sure that new layer is highlighted in the Layers panel on the side when you paste.

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I suggest you select the white part with the rectangle tool :RectangleSelectTool: then hit delete, then use MadJiks gravity plugin,


and set it to left or right, than select the transparent part using magic wand :MagicWandTool: and invert selection(Ctrl-i), and crop to selection(Ctrl-x).


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