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Glow-Behind-Text, With No Plugins


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I have No Idea If anyone else did this tut, but anyway, READ ON!

The Glow-Behind Text Tutorial

1.)OK... So First Up, Open a new Paint.Net document. Resize it to your liking. I'm using 342x172.

2.) Next, Color the background In any color you like. I'm using A black.

3.) Now, Add A new Layer, And type in your text in white. The Below Picture shows how your picture should look now.


4. Now, Use the Glow Effect By going to Effects>Photo>Glow. Set Radius to 20, Brightness to 100, And Contrast to 100.

5. Now Duplicate the Layer until you think the glow is enough.

6. Now, Make a new Layer, And type your text in the same font and size on the glow, except in any color this time.

7. Flatten It, And Your Done! Below Is the Finished Result.


Hope You enjoyed my tut!


Serious graphics up in that post. ;)
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i say it would be better if you duplicate your text layer before you add the glow so you don't have to add a new text afterwards

You could do that, but I find this easier :wink: .

Serious graphics up in that post. ;)
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Very true. Sorry, I thought I locked it when I posted last...


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