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I have no imagination

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I am not very creative, but I really wish I was. My 7 year old son can draw as well as I can, seriously.

I have been spending a lot of time trying ot make a beer label for my home made beer. My dad is retiring, and I want to give him a case of personalized beer. He was known at Papa Tiburon (Papa Shark) at work and so that is the name of the beer.

I have created a few labels, but would love some recommendations. I have used many of the tutorials here, but my creativity is what is killing me.

http://home.bellsouth.net/p/s/community ... thumbs&ck=

Any suggestions?



Jim D

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There is no real dead line. I did one more attempt at being creative on my web page. Laugh if you like. :)

I will just be adding text to bottom stating the type of beer and when it was brewed. I used the wand to select the edges and made them all black for printing purposes.

If you live near Atlanta I would give you a few. The label really does look great.


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That is SO kick < no swearing > I dont even know where to start. Can you send me the pdn so I can change the text when I brew another batch? What font is that?

He is going to wet his depends when he sees that!! Just kidding, no depends.



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Hope you like it...

barkbark00, I love the burned edges on that. Can you give a tutorial on how to do it?

I want to do the same thing to the following picture as well as changing it to sepia:


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I actually just based it on a Photoshop Tut online and converted as much of it as possible to PDN. I basicly just used a wide paintbrush and painted the lighter brown on a second layer, added some noise and blurred it. Then I used the same size brush and added darker (almost black) section on another layer around the edge of the lighter brown. I then blurred that and cut around the edge. You may want to sharpen it all a little bit cuz mine is a little blurry..


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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