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Wallpaper Contest | And The Winner Is...

Which one is the best wallpaper? (Click on a name to view that person's entry.)  

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  1. 1. Which one is the best wallpaper? (Click on a name to view that person's entry.)

    • [url=http://img35.imageshack.us/img35/9646/rhfjdjejdi.png:6qop3vrb]flip[/url:6qop3vrb]
    • [url=http://i792.photobucket.com/albums/yy207/APShredder/yhsjjie-20.png:6qop3vrb]APShredder[/url:6qop3vrb]
    • [url=http://img29.imageshack.us/img29/7310/neonfest.png:6qop3vrb]Axle[/url:6qop3vrb]
    • [url=http://i406.photobucket.com/albums/pp143/Boudewijn_01/ikNeon.png:6qop3vrb]Boude[/url:6qop3vrb]
    • [url=http://cmdsketchpad.com/img/impulse_1280.jpg:6qop3vrb]Crazy Man Dan[/url:6qop3vrb]
    • [url=http://i683.photobucket.com/albums/vv200/theonlychad/nightlife.png:6qop3vrb]theonlychad[/url:6qop3vrb]
    • [url=http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/3248/windows7wall.png:6qop3vrb]pipp92[/url:6qop3vrb]

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Wallpaper Competition

Welcome to the weak attempt at another monthly/weakly competition. :wink:


- You must make a wallpaper made in Paint.net following the theme.

- The theme is Neon/Glow. Think of shiny stuff and neon ads in Times Square like this.

- The size must be between 640x640 - 1280x1280. No larger, no smaller.

- The deadline is Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 at 12:00pm. (Not midnight.) I'll use the time at the top on THIS WEBSITE.

- Please post that you're entering before you actually enter.

- - -

A voting thread will be made the day after the deadline.

- - -

Entrants: (click on name to see wallpaper)










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Hmmm. I'd actually be interested in entering this.

One problem: My resolution is 1366x768, so if I were to make a wallpaper that would actually be usable on my screen, I'd be over the width limit. :P

I suppose I could try scaling it down to 1280x720 - depends on how much quality gets lost in the resampling...

It's worth a shot. Put me down for "in". ;)

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where do we post the pics??

If you are done, you can only post ONE pic, and it has to be the final pic. You post it here.

1280x1280 is a pretty small max wallpaper limit. A reasonable one would be something like 2000x1600 imo.

I don't see why they have to be so big, but I guess I'll make it larger if there's a next comp.

Also... you're in. :)

@CrazyManDan: Wow, I didn't think a mod would enter this. Anyway, I'll make the limit larger for the next comp... if there is one.

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Alrighty. It's been ages since I've done any work in PDN, so it was fun getting back into things - had to re-download a few plugins and everything.

So, after a bit of work (and two crashes - I'm running the public Alpha, after all), here's my entry. Similar to both flip and Axle, I went with more of the "glow" side of things than the neon sign side, but it turned out just about how I envisioned it before I started, so I'm happy. It's 100% PDN - just the Line/Curve tool, the Twist plugin, and a lot of Gaussian Blur. ;)




^ click for full size [1280 x 720] ^

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