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How to drag my H

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Hi, im new to this stuff, trying to find solution for my problem at youtube, but counldnt get :(

Im trying to figure out how to drag the word i type in, lets say its a H, i want to drag my H longer and wilder,

so i can put some more words in between it, is it possible to do that in paint.net? Hope someone understand

what i mean. My english not that good.

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not that hard.

1) type each line of text (or each word, if needed) on a new layer.

2) use the :RectangleSelectTool: / :LassoTool: / whatever selection tool u want to select which part of the text you want to resize.

3) use :MoveTool: for the actual stretching/resizeing.

:!: for some fonts, you might need to move the selected section of text on a new layer, to avoid dragging it over the rest of the text


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