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Super easy, super sharp, super fast tapered line


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

I see users ask for how to do tapered lines very often.

Here is a super easy, super sharp, super fast tapered line tutorial.

Remember, think outside the box.

Enjoy :)

Click the image to goto my dA for a larger view, you can also download from dA the full 1280x2310 version.



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Is it Rotate/Zoom?


Also, the line tool allows you to make curves that are always perfectly smooth, whereas using distortion will always make your edge blurry.

And no.

Try to make it super thin and super sharp tapered line, and see how the line tool's AA work out.


I wanna show users that there are many ways of using a plugins.

Thought provoking, think outside the box, or whatever people call it.

And I wanted to show them there's also another, more flexible way, depending on what you're doing. If you're going for a specific curve, distorts aren't always practical.

And if you like inside the box, good for you. Just keep using the methods that works for you.

I like doing what works best for what I'm doing. If you believe I don't think outside the box, viewtopic.php?f=44&t=30630 .

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Mirror over line. [Edit] WOW, nice one Blooper. I meant MOL. :lol:

And the distorts might look better but they don't come close to the original line tool... and the more you distort, the blurrier it'll get. Yeah, I guess you could get something like the line I did, but not weirder béziers, or for example loops.

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Ok, so in your image, you are showing me that MOL is smoother for tapered lines (which proved my point, thank you very much..),

and that you think you can do tapered blocks (or just blocks) with line tool better,

and you refuse to believe that distorts can adjust the THIN tapered lines into any shape without blurring them,

have you thought of maybe you haven't tried the correct setting and the correct combo of different distorts??

Using line tool method, you can't even get a nice AA thin tapered line, how can you get a nice AA wavy thin tapered line with the line tools?

And the key word is fast, easy and sharp too(spiky sharp), and the tut title is tapered lines, not blocks.

BTW, MOL method can do blocks too, but I don't see many ask for how to do blocks.

If you think you have a better method, then stick with your method, no need to use mine and no need to try to prove yours is better.

If you really feel you must share your method, you can make your own tut, and tell the world how good it is to use it all you want.

Don't make me type so much again, says the lazy Ash.

Edit: And you know how much trouble and steps to fill the color in the cap of a thin tapered line near the sharp end? when using the line tool method?

Edit2: Looks ok to me with all the distorts...I don't see blurry.




All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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So you think, you telling me what to do is helping and I tell you why I use my methods and not yours is flaming?

When you didn't even bother to try my tut first, try to see why I use that method? And you come in telling me your method? What if I go to your gallery only looking at the thumbnails and start telling you why this and that don't work? How rude would that be?

Nobody is flaming you, but in many of your posts, you say: it must be like this, like that, distorts will always make it blurry, the shine can not be like that, etc etc.

Doesn't that sound like you are trying to say your ideas are better? more correct? ALWAYS right... and what not?

And when I try to reason with you why I use this and that method, why some tools won't work as well, you mostly just don't want to believe me? If reason doesn't work, what's the point in talking and typing so many words?

See? you turned another of my thread into a off topic typing fest. Like I keep telling you, if you wanna help others, and believe your method is good, and nobody had thought about it, post a tutorial. that's the best way to help.

PS. I even have to do extra work to make the image above with all the wavy lines just to show you it won't ALWAYS blur, why do I even bother? (As in, explaining to people who refuse to listen and making tuts at all.)


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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