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District 9

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District 9 balances action with a deep story. If you only saw one of the big battle scenes you would assume its just another summer blockbuster. The fact that the filmmakers didn't use any big name stars (Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Shia Le Bouf (Summer '09 Stars)) The CGI was top notch, to the point of actually feeling that the humans are REALLY talking to an alien, rather than a man in a green suit. Every big sci fi fan HAS to see this movie. Though it's under 2 hours, the length is perfect. I never thought I wished it would end. The emotional attachment the audience gets to the aliens in District 9. I don't want to spoil anything though ;)

The movie is VERY realistic. It is rated R.. and I feel it should be. There is no nudity, sex, drugs, alcohol.. but there is gore. A couple surgical scenes. Also, the F bomb is a very common word in this film. So I don't think anyone under like 13 should see it, but a modern day middle school is worst than the profanity in this movie.

So bottom line is.. go see it. Post your own reviews if you've seen it.

I think it is up there as one of the most original/creative movies I have ever seen, making it one of the best movies I have ever seen.

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Because this movie deserves to be recognized by this community. I know david will enjoy it (after noticing the styles of films he likes), but I really want everyone to go see it. It really is a great movie. You have all made threads for television shows, so whats different than a movie?

But if a mod thinks this shouldn't be open, then close it.

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It looks cool, but I can't see it.

Too young huh, junior?

Just kidding. :lol: That sucks.

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This movie was seriously a great one to watch. It wasn't the best to me (STXI was the best so far this year), but it seriously kept me entertained. You're right about the F bomb, but that added to the comedy at some parts. The cool thing was that there were so many sides in this movie so it kept it interesting, because all groups had different motives that made the story go. The aliens look awesome too. If any of you like firepower, well this movie shows some of just that off in certain scenes. CGI was cool and I agree that in certain parts it looked somewhat like they were talking to actual aliens. This move somewhat reminds me of a modified JJ Abrams produced film, which is pretty interesting, because it was produced by Peter Jackson who did more conventional movies like the Lord of the Rings films. Just another entertaining movie to watch.


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the movie was one of the best i have seen all year and i have seen pretty much all of the blockbusters this year. It had a great story line, nice level of gore(almost too much at times), and cool technology in it.


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