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Color Balance+ (works like Photoshop)


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changed the name of the plug in into "Color Balance+" from "Color Balance".

corrected a mistake of the spelling.



My 3rd plugin (in this forum)

I created the plugin that works like Photoshop's "Color Balance".

Menu setting

Adjustments -> Color Balance+


The adjustment range is (-100) - 0 - (+100)

"highlight" and "shadows"

In both mode , this plugin works like Photoshop.

Maybe, it is really the same as the result of Photoshop's adjustment.


In this mode , the result of this plugin's adjustment is a little bit different from Photoshop.

I was not able to build an equation to completely accord with Photoshop's "Color Balance".

However, it's OK , because this is logically correct, too.


This is made by "Code Lab".

Thank you , BoltBait.

japanese page in my site


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Awesome. Loving the ability to choose to modify Highlights, Midtones and Shadows. Thanks! :D

thank you :D

Is this the new version of BoltBait's Color Balance? They both are named the same and I am a bit confused. Would you mind clarifying?

no , this is another plug in . but , the purpose of the adjustment is the same , and so , same name・・・・・

How about "ColorBalanceShop"? :D

or seriously "Tone Balance"?

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could some one explain difference between color mixer and this plugin please.

They serve quite different purpose. Color balance shifts global balance of hues while Color mixer can apply different adjustments (saturation, hue shift, brightness, contrast) selectively based on original hue.
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With this around, why would you need mine? This is way better.

Maybe it's time for mine to retire.

Nah, i think both of these can be used depending on what you wish to do. Your Color Balance gives a stronger result than dpy's. dpy's can be used for finer adjustments if needed.


Not to be picky, but dpy, you spelt "Highlights" wrong. you wrote "highlits". :P

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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....what about name it Color Balance+, I think we need both, BoltBait's and this.

I agree, let's keep both available.

What is going to confuse users is using the same name for both, so can we please have a point of difference? I like Yellowman's suggested Color Balance+ :!:

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I played with this plugin last night, and I like it a lot.

May I make a suggestion? Could you make a single thread with all of your plugins and links to your individual plugins? Much like Pyrochild's or BoltBait's index of plugins, and it seems to be very helpful.

Officially retired from this forum. Have a nice day.

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