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Well, I don't know for legal purposes if this would work, but if Paint.NET dev's made some simple backgrounds, and make the background tiles expand and repeat / tile to the size of the canvas...

It could be a plugin, where you would place different backgrounds in a folder somewhere....Personally I like background/texture patterns from http://www.grsites.com/textures/

I would definately Love to see this integrated, kind of like how Macromedia Fireworks has something like that...

If I knew how to code, I would do this, If this isnt incorporated in the next release, that is alright, you can just make new layers, and keep on putting it in a tile it yourself, But if someone is bored and wants to give a shot at it, This could be a plugin request too, I didn't know if I should post it there or here, so I did it here.



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