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Is there a quick and simple way?

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Here is my website http://knowingabout.co.uk/bestinhulme/index.html and attached forum http://knowingabout.co.uk/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl. Website in Html and forum in perl which I know nothing about. It has taken me ages to sort out website so it in someways resembles forum.

I now decide I am not happy with colours, (I have asked visitors and they state a bit too dark).

No problem except for graphics. About 12 forum graphics have been used on website.



I have spent yesterday trying to change graphics have spent this morning looking thro Paint.net tutorial and cant find what I need.

I would like to change to something similar to background of say where smilies are on this page. A light pale colour with a hint of blue or pink or something, not sure but anyway just a hint rather than the full color at present. Then i would be able to change style sheet and have a better presented site. i hope there wont be too many steps as about 12 for website and 20 odd graphics for forum would need to be worked on.

any help would be gratefully appreciated



If you lif work, or study in Hulme, you deserve the best in hulme

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