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can i merge 2 pics together side by side

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On one layer, have one image on the left. On another layer, have an image to the right. Merge them together. Add another layer and add whatever you'd like to it. In all, you should have three layers.

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I know this is supposed to be easy as pie, but I'm just not grasping the "put one image on one side, and the other image on the other side" aspect of it all. Just for me, the inept one, could someone please walk me through this process? I tried the link in Darkshock's post, and it no longer works. I am trying to do a "before and after" comparison of some renovation work on a house I'm helping with, and I can't work this process out.

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Your canvas will need to be large enough to accomodate both images side-by-side (e.g. height by 2x width for a side-by-side).

Place 1st image on its own layer (use Layers>import from file) - align it to the left. The right side of the layer should be transparent (grey/white checkerboard pattern)

Place 2nd image on another layer - align it to the right. The left side of this layer should also be transparent.

Note: This thread was old when you replied to it, so I'm going to lock this (rule #11). If you need more detail of the above steps simply create a new thread/topic.

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