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Inner Glow

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Ah, perfect!

1. I use the :MagicWandTool: and select along the outside of the planet. Should end up a circular selection, doesn't really matter what tolerance, just keep it the same tolerance the whole time.

2. Create two new layers. On the first new layer (inside glow layer) fill the outside of your selection (the area outside the planet) with white.

3. Do the exact opposite on your second layer (hit CTRL+I, then fill), so the whole screen should be white. This will be the outer glow layer.

4. Make your second new layer (outer glow) invisible. Click over too your Inner Glow layer and fire up the Gaussian blur. The amount varies depending on the size of your planet, but is should cover a considerable portion.

5. Going back to your original planet layer, select outside your planet again. This should be the exact same selection as before! Delete the outer portion of the Inner Glow layer with this selection.

6. Now open the Outer Glow layer again. Use Gaussian blur again, but this time make it much smaller ~5-10 pixels, depending on your planet size.

7. Go back to the planet layer, again select the outside of the planet, CTRL+I to invert selection, and delete (on inner glow layer).

The glow should look somewhat complete now. Adjust the opacity of the two sections to match by duplicating layers, etc. If the boundry between the sections doesn't seem quite right, try a radial blur. And you will, of course, wan't to tint the atmosphere.

Hmm, can't think of anything else, any questions?

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