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Accidentaly deleted C:\Program Files\Paint.NET folder

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I don't know what I was thinking, but I accidentally deleted that folder when I noticed that PDN was crashing a lot for no apperent reason. So I thought to unistall it and then the reinstall it again.

But now I can't do that since that folder is deleted. What should I do to at least completely remove it from my computer?

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Did you actually go to your computer's Control Panel to uninstall it?

Also: If you haven't emptied your recycling bin yet, just restore the Paint.NET files you deleted.

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Well, don't I feel stupid today. lol.

:smacks forhead: The reason the utility thing wasn't working is because I had my files all over the place. But it did give me an option to run as an admin which I failed to see the first few tries. SO the last try.. I did it, and it finally installed, I removed the program... and well... picked up from there.

Thank you guys... stupidity sure does got a hold of me these days.

But one thing's for sure, you guys sure are doing a WONDERFUL job, because these last 5 days I was growing all depressed and stuff over (almost) loosing pdn. soo.... keep it up! :)

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