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Hello from the new kid on the block

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Well, I'm new. I'll be honest. Past week, I've been fooking around in PDN and following som tutorials, just getting a feel for it.Most excellant program, I have to say. Now, something I was wondering was this:

Is it possible to make 3d ships in PDN? I'm thinking along the lines of Star Trek.

I have several skin's/meshe's, but wasnt sure if any of that could be used in the program.

I searched, but didn't see anything, so if I missed a previous topic like this, I appologise.

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If you want to make something that looks 3d-ish, there are 2 options I can think of-

1. If you can afford the $5000+ price tag, buy Autodesk Inventor 11. Similar line and drawing features to PDN, plus stuff can be rendered and rotated in 3d.

2. Draw something on paper then scan it in. Or make it from scratch in PDN (annoyingly long process if you're completley new to the program).

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