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'Move Selection' makes working with pixels a nightmare

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I am unsure if this belongs here or in 'troubleshooting', I am sorry if the latter is the case.

I have only recently began using Paint.net for pixel works, and I must say that moving a selection on a small scale is nigh impossible. If you make a small selection, the corner nubs for resizing and roating cover the selection, naturally. However, even when zoomed in to 3200%, I am unable to click and drag my selection around because the nubs, though only covering a few pixels of my monitor, seem to be under my mouse wherever I click. As a result, if I attempt to move my selection I end up stretching or rotating it, and it is becoming tiresome drawing sprites and other pixel works several times over. Is there a workaround for this issue?

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When working with small selections, zoom your image window up in size (200%, 300%, etc....,). It makes seeing what you're doing a lot easier.

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