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Hi Paint.Net users/staff

I'm wondering how can I edit CursorFX Cursors through PDN...I wanted to edit the LightRing Cursor from PDN...I have CursorFX Plus but I wanted to edit more than just hue/saturation, transparency/etc...

Anyone know how?


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I'm guessing this CursorFX lets you make your own cursors and such. What exactly is the LightRing cursor you speak of?

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CursorFX lets you import cursors that you've made, but theres no export option =/ so Iw as wondering if there was way to open it through PDN...

The LightRing is just like any other cursor but it has some cool effects like when a page is being loaded...

I can't really explain it much but you can download CursorFX and try it out to check it out...

...Just check out the Lightring Cursor =)


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