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Is it wrong

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I had Photoshop as well. but I prefer to use PDN because I can do what I need to do a lot faster than in Photoshop. Everything is nicely laid out. Making my job much easier.

That's the exact same reason why I like PdN. Photoshop is way to complex (at least for me). I just wish they made it simpler.

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Maybe I'll be stoned for treason, but after using Ps I just can't go back to PdN. Paint.NET can imitate what Photoshop does fairly well, but at a detailed level, it cannot compare.

Then again, I don't have to pay $300 to use PdN. Who knows? Someday I might challenge myself to make something worthwhile with tools from the good ol' times. :o

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You don't have to pay for Photoshop either, but in the same way you 'don't have to' pay for a car..

I actually didn't pay a cent for my copy of CS3 Design Suite, but only because I have a friend whose mom works at Adobe and gets everything at 90% off.

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It isn't wrong. We should all use whatever resources we have available to us.

If you're more comfortable using PDN mostly, then it makes sense to use PDN.

I don't have Photoshop, but will sometimes use Photoshop plugins in Irfanview

if there's no equivalent plugin for PDN.

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