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got this from hidden designers:

Ok this is a question that I am being asked every now and then...

Thought i would share this amazing little tool, since we all have more than one favorite sig or avatar

With these simple steps you no longer need to choose your favorite singature to display.

you can display all your favorites... and you can create a second account for your avatars

This is So Simple A CAVE MAN Could do it

Step # 1 Click on this LinK --> http://sig.grumpybumpers.com/index.cgi

Step # 2 Enter a User Name and a Pass Word (no sign up or bull)

Step # 3 Paste the URL's of all your fav Sigs

Step # 4 Hit submit and copy the link

How easy is that... if you need an avatar rotator - just make a new user name

heck you can have a different rotator for each site you go on if you want to...

Hope you all find this usefull cuz i sure do... i hated having to pick which one was my favorite

and now i don't have to.... Niether Should You

And to top it off it helps reduce bandwith and improve the speed of the site you use it on

Instead of everyone having the maximum of signatures allowed by the rules.

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