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First Time User Questions

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I was looking for a program to design logo's on & I found my way to Paint.net

So far Im impressed. Ive never used photochop or illustrator, but I have been know to use a mean MSPaint! This program really seems to add functionality that mspaint sorely needed...

That said I have a couple of issues:

1. I was going through the Flames tutorial just to get a feel for it. When I select a colour to use as a solid fill for the background, it comes out diagonally striped every time, unless I select both of my colours to be the same... What gives?

2. After that, when I used the Gaussian blur, I ended up with a checkerboard pattern...

Im sure Ill get it figured out eventually, but some help would be much appreciated.

One last thing that I miss in this program is when drawing a line or whatever in mspaint, before releasing the button to make it official, I could hit the other button to delete the line. This is a nice feature when freehanding, as it usually takes a few tries to get the line you want.

Anyways, great program. I look forward to using it.


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Welcome to the forums! :D

To answer your first question...

Open up Paint.NET. There should be a drop down menu in the top left of the screen next to 'Fill Style'. That needs to be set to 'Solid Brush':


This should solve your second problem too.

As for your third, just hit Ctrl+Z to undo any mistakes you make with the line tool.

I hope that helped! :lol:

Zacariem 8)

EDIT: Trickman why did you post when I had finished typing and poped out for a spot of lunch :evil: !!! Lol!

They said we couldn't fly.

We did.

Anythings possible!


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Hey guys, thanks for the help. I figured it would be something simple...

I realize that I can undo as many times as I like, I just like to be able to erase it before finalizing it... Its quicker when you can see right away if you dont like the line...

Anyways, ill keep working on it


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