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yy10's portfoilio updated 21/1/2012


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The top looks like a muffin, and we all love muffins right? :mrgreen:. I think you have the texture brilliantly, i would certainly be proud of it :wink:. The lower part i think you should delete and maybe work on the holder thing they come in? im not sure what they are called tbh hehe. If i remember they are thin paper cup style things usually slightly corregated? Have a go :P

And i know! realistic images are addictive :D

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by abstract with youre pieces i meant that whilst they are clearly realistic at the same time you get a sense of smoothness etc. i dont know if thats what you were going for :oops: but i personally like it. It kind of makes your pictures yours and gives you your own style which is always a good thing :D

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