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yy10's portfoilio updated 21/1/2012


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Thanks everyone.

@Axle: I agree. The background is just black which makes the whole sig look boring. I definitely agree with you.

Lol, I made a new size since I thought there was too much black space.


Also, I am going to make a tutorial? Any suggestions on what the tutorial will be about?

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sigs n stuff

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I for one would like to see you on the forum more. you inspired me when I started almost 2 years ago. (note did pdn for while before I joined forum on Sept 5th 2011)

Hey um you said your photobucket broken down. well you can always use imageshack. I use imageshack primarily and currently photobucket only has my animations.

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ahaha thx so much ninjaman :D

never knew i actually inspired anyone lol

i would go on to this forum more but then i dont really do anything related to pdn or gfx anymore so i guess there's no point in havin me here xd =v='

well my old photobucket broke down but i have already made a new one so that's one problem solved;D

but another prob is all my old work (from 2007-2009) was saved in my old photobucket ;(


sigs n stuff

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