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Big problem launching paint.net program

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Yeah, I would really like to have this program as I use a lot of time on art


But the problem is, that i have tried almost everything.

i have installed the framework.net and updated my java, updated my firefox but it still says that there needs a program to get installed to run this program (paint.net program) and i can't figure out what program it is.

I have Windows vista, i have 2 GB Ram, i have enough space for the program, and a LOT, of extra space than that.

So whats the problem?? :/

Any advices or peopel who have the same problem? or had the same problem but solved it??

Please someone??

Hugs Angelic321 / Laura

Annoying Program -.- i have now installed Service Pack 1 and Visual J# Redistributable Package 2.0

And it still wont work :/ cant see what program im missing here xD

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Is it telling you specifically which program you need to run Paint.NET? Perhaps we can find it for you. I checked and it looks like you met all the requirements to run Paint.NET, so I don't know what's the problem. Just tell us exactly what it tells you when you try to run PdN.

Maybe we can get Rick on this. :wink:

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Sorry Rick :s

and no it doesnt say what program i needs. only that i cant download it cause i need a program to use this program.

can it be because i use firefox? and my normal internet explorer doesnt work?? (havent used internet explorer for a year so it doesnt like me xD it wont work anymore only firefox will work :))

what?! so much trouble of downloading to find out its saying that Vista doesnt support the new Service Pack :/

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Firefox and Internet Explorer doesn't interfere. Visual J# is complete unrelated -- you don't need that for Paint.NET.

You say it tells you that you need "a program" ... what program exactly? When you run the Paint.NET installer ("Paint.NET.3.36.exe"), what exactly is the error message you get?

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