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Question about Images' Resolution

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Hi guys,

As some of you might've noticed, I'm pretty new to Paint.NET and still have some very basic questions.

Like I said in the other topic, I'm trying to create/edit a banner and I'm having some trouble with it.

The issue that has come up right now is that for some reason when I open my banner's .gif it seems to lose some of it's quality. Check out these screenshots:


Both are from the exact same file, one viewed through Windows Image Viewer and the other one with Paint.NET. The second clearly loses some of its quality and becomes somewhat pixelated. Is this really normal?

This is really troubling me, since the banner I'm creating is looking pretty poor quality...

Thanks again and sorry if the questions sound inappropriate,


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Are you sure that you are zoomed in to the same percentage on both Windows Image Viewer and Paint.NET? The more you are zoomed in the more pixelated your image will look.

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Yup, I'm sure both are zoomed in to the same percentage. They are also the exact same file, everything's the same. I can't understand why this happens, but it really makes my banners look horribly pixelated (even when zoomed out to 100%). =/

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Paint.NET doesn't use interpolation/smoothing when zooming in, and this is on purpose. Those two images are of the exact same quality, but rendered differently. If you're interested in how it'll look in a web browser, then look at it in a web browser.

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