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Sig battles

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So the rules are:

1. The signature must be created/edited in Paint.NET.

2. The signature must be at most 500*200 pixels (or 200*500 for a vertical signature)

3. If demanded, the sig-maker must link to the render(s)/stock(s) used. (C4D's not included)

4. The signature must be linked in the reply (you cant say, "I enter with my current signature!")

4a. If you say "I enter with my current sig," and change it throughout the battle, you are immediately disqualified.

5. If you are a participant in the battle, you cannot vote. If you do, your vote will be ignored.

6. When voting you must say who you are voting for, and at the end of the post show the score.

7. A sig battle is over when one of the competitors have reached three legal votes.

8. You can't enter a signature more than twice.

9. The battle type must be agreed between all of the competitors.

10. If for some reason the opponent gets disqualified or quits, you may still use your signature again.

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