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Sig battles


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Topaz is commonly used to refer to a set of plugins (by Topaz Labs) for Photoshop, such as Topaz Adjust and Topaz Detail.

Using other software is allowed as long as most of it is still PDN.

E: yy10 that is great but HUGE, I'm not sure if it qualifies...


Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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Hidden Content:
State whether you want the battle to be a 1vs1, a 1vs1vs1, or a free for all, or something similar to that. You can have as many challengers as you want, but try to avoid too many, because that leaves less people to vote.

Don't enter the same sig in battles twice. Try to be original. This also helps stop people from using better sigs over and over again to win multiple times.

Don't accept battles if the battle starter already has enough challengers, unless it's okay with them to add more slots.


1. Make sure you post what kind of battle it is, for example:
1v1v1 Gaming grunge
so people know the theme for the battle. (we dont really have any themes?)

2. Post up all sigs, with the owner's name above it. Not all sigs have the owner's name in them, so it's best to clarify that.

3. Restate how many votes are needed to win. (allways 3 votes to win?)

4. AVOID downtalking your opponent's sig or uptalking yours at any point in the battle. Pointing out your methods or the opponent's could change a voter's mind in one side's favor.

5. It's nice to wish each other good luck before the battle begins, to show good sportsmanship.

6. Avoid bumping voting topics. If you really must, do so, but try to include it in a relevant post, instead of just saying *bump*.


1. Make sure it's clear who you're voting for. Try to begin the post with "______ gmv", meaning, _______ person got your vote. This makes it easier to find who you're voting for.

2. Give a -good- reason why you're voting for that person, or not voting for the other. Be detailed. Numbered ratings are optional, but useful.

3. At the end of your post, try to put the current score and which side is winning, or if it's a tie. This also makes it easier to locate current scores.

4. Avoid multiple posts, to keep voting topics more clean cut and clear. If you're a challenger, it's okay to thank people for votes, but try to keep it minimal.

Okay, so that's pretty much it. Good luck in your battles, and try to follow the rules. It makes things easier for all parties.

Feel free to suggest additional rules. If they're logical, I'll add them.

The B words are the rules we dont really need?...
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Erm...sigs don't have don't have to be small. As long as they're not over 800x600, they're sigs. (Since 800x600 over are considered as large peices, IMO)

But anything you can use as a signature is a sig. :)

Would you really use a 800*600 sig? :|

Anyway, I don't think there should ever be themes, this thread was intended to be freestyle all the way. Here's what I suggest:

Hidden Content:
Starting a "battle"

The first two or more (a maximum of four, preferably 2, though, to keep the competition fast-paced) people to post a tag are in the battle.* The first contestant should say how many people are to battle, if not specified then a battle will commence between the first two.

Voting starts once every contestant has posted a tag. First contestant to receive 3 votes wins. Incomprehensible posts will be ignored. Once the winner is clear, a new battle will begin.

* Note that you do not have to post a tag right away, it is possible to post a "placeholder". However, contestants with a tag take priority.

Signature specifications

Maximum Signature (also known as "tags, sigs, banners) size should be around 500px*200px. There is no size minimum, but keep in mind that a sig too small may be hard understand.

Signatures must not include any offensive language or images, sexual/pornographic content or anything depicted as illegal.


Aggressive behaviour towards others may result in disqualification.

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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