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Sig battles

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Starting a "battle"

The first two or more (a maximum of four, preferably 2, though, to keep the competition fast-paced) people to post a tag are in the battle. The first contestant should say how many people are to battle, if not specified then a battle will commence between the first two.

Voting starts once every contestant has posted a tag. First contestant to receive 3 votes wins. Incomprehensible posts will be ignored. Once the winner is clear, a new battle will begin.

Signature specifications

Signatures (also known as "tags/sigs/banners") should be no larger than 500px*200px.

Signatures must not include any offensive language or images, sexual/pornographic content or anything depicted as illegal.


Aggressive behaviour towards others may result in disqualification.

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hype n6ubnp.png

Kemaru SmudgeBlue.png

Next 5 people who post in this thread, must vote.

Please use this template to vote, or else your vote won't count!

I vote for:
hype: [score here]
Kemaru: [score here]

Good luck!

And this time we'll keep it to one thread.

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