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Nemos gallery - UPDATE 22/10/09 SOTW entry + Murray!


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:lol::lol: what can I say! when I call for more great art they come out of the woodwork :lol::lol: told you all you never knew when a newbie would rise and shine and provide exceptional artwork.

actually I had e mail from Nemo and my way and Nemos are pretty similar. i missed one step out on his method he's missed one (or two) on mine.

It will be certainly interesting and great to have another artist join the growing group of talent here on the forum.


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@LFC4EVER: Thanks :o and i think i will have a go when i done the leaves :wink:

@Lance McKnight: Someones got too haha. Ahh if only i could make a vertual smell :lol:

@oma: You flatter me too much :lol:. Hope my email gave you some ideas even though it was off the top of my head. And gosh, my work is similar to yours, i feel all big headed now! :mrgreen:

@yellowman: i :lol:'d when i read this and i hope so :shock:

@RHoward: thankyouuu :D

@all: Thanks EVERYONE for your really nice comments and i hope to keep you all on your toes! who said a noob can't draw :wink:

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@Oma: I sure did thanks :) and i am going to be working on her some soon i think

@Sharp & Devilartist: Takes a long time but i work with shades on dfferent layers etc untill i think i haev the right one then simply blend them and shape them into the right spots of a drawing. unfortunately i sometimes for get to feather though hehe.

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it all depends on the picture hehe but usually only takes about 5-10 minutes to get the shading for a part of the picture right but then applying to a drawing (i draw a outline as you can see on my rose progress) is tricky 'cause you need to isolate parts to keep the shading and bluring natural. I think overall something like that rose took me about 2 hours? bare in mind i was on and off my pc a lot :lol:

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An idea for a piece:

2 Cliffs and a small wooden rope bridge between them, in the ravine there are clouds, so you can't really see the ground. If you come really far you could draw a person trying to cross it. Don't make it Indiana Jones style, but more medieval, maybe with a monk or something, soldiers would be cool too.


History repeats itself, because nobody was paying attention the first time.

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