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Nemos gallery - UPDATE 22/10/09 SOTW entry + Murray!


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@ Chad: cheers :) , i realyl like the N too, gotta make a sig too now though :shock:

@YM: :lol: i know its tiny, my bad. I was working on a really small part of a mirror, finished then opened a new and completely forgot about resizing..gosh i can be so forgetful sometimes :lol:

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Sure :) , The city only took me literally 1 minute to make :shock: . Ill pm you how :wink:

For everyone: in the unlikely event people want to know how i made the pixel city ill make a mini tut (its so simple you wont believe it :shock:)

edit1: another flower i made, its meant to not look realistic..not exactly my hween theme but i made it for a friend and quite like it.


edit2: You have your sig YY :P

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Thanks AFG :D & surprisingly nope, i decided to havea little play around with some plugins i rarely/never use..the 3 i used were: Bevel,Sin waves & gravity (i never would of thought they could make that :shock:). Great for a mountain pixel texture too :wink:

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Ooh , lovely city . I love it , you should enter that piece in the pixel contest .. :mrgreen: I agree with Yellowman add some tentacles to the fatman heh heh .. Creepy :twisted: spooky I love how your mind works ..Beautiful signature :P great job on everything . :AddNoise: :AddNoise:

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Nemo - I've just visited your Gallery and am blown away :shock: All your work is very impressive. The rose is amazing and the ghosts so spooky :wink: I am now about to search for any tutorials that you may have published :?:


How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

"Rescuing one animal may not change the world, but for that animal their world is changed forever!" anon.

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Utter genius.

Thankyou :D, glad to know im not the only one who thought it wasa unusual way of creating it :lol:

@nanettealsop: Thanks, no tut's yet though i am currently working on one..progress is somewhat slow at the moment though :lol:

edit: my SOTW entry. Yes im not good at sigs so bare with me :oops: ..though i quite like it


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Thanks :), i drew out a basic person sketch on paper, then created line shapes based around prominant features like around the nose and eyes. Then recreated it in pdn, i scanned it in for the nosee though..i got lazy :wink:

New piece:

latest mini work, can you guess what i have based this for? i am really pleased with it but i think it could do with some feathering. As usual, more info on p1 :wink:

'Little Alice'


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