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Nemos gallery - UPDATE 22/10/09 SOTW entry + Murray!


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You can now see all my pieces from this post, not just random pages in my gallery!

Hey all, well i thought over the past year of on and off PDN'ing i have got a lot better (but never good enough, gotta get some real nice pieces done before i see myself as good hehe). So i recently joined these forums that i have stalked looking at peoples ideas and tutorials and adapting ideas to make some of my own. I hope you like the good, the bad and the ugly :wink:. If you could take just a few moments to comment/maybe give me a idea for new picture or how to better an allready existing one that would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and ALL of my work is 100% PDN unless i clearly specify otherwise next to the picture etc.

Realistic Pieces



Click for more realistic work and information:

Hidden Content:
"'I'm running late!" is not 100% pdn, i really couldnt be bothered to draw out the Rabbit so took his picture off a DVD cover and popped him in :wink:. This watch was made via a old tutorial and im really pleased with the outcome :)


'Murray' was inspired by the series of games called 'Monkey Island' which i absolutely love. I got the urge to make him for halloween after seeing WelshBlues Yorrick :wink: . extremely pleased with the outcome, wips of this can be seen in my gallery starting page 24 :D.


Here it is finally! The rose WITH petals due to many people wanting it :lol:. Ok so those of you who know me know i am absolutely fudgy at leaves (thats why they are so dark, to minimise the detail :lol:) but i hope you like them...well i say them..its actually the one leaf repeated 'cause that one took me ages but sssh dont tell anyone! :shock:. Believe it or not it was the first time i had used metalize, color tint and crystalise (along with a few others which ive used before) and imo it looks quite good but ill leave that for you to decide..

Rose with leaves 100% PDN :mrgreen::




This is probably one of my favourite pieces i have done in PDN, although it is only grass i think it looks really realistic but you can still see motion blurs etc but i like it. To be honest it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be just took quite a few :AddNewLayer:, loads of colours and of course, practice hehe.


'Little Alice'; this was based on a certain theme, im sure you will guess :wink: . The vial was made courtesy of Yellowmans glass vase tutorial that i spiced up a little bit for the neck


My first spacescape, sorry its so small i tried to resize it but it came up all blury

:(. I'm really pleased with the texture though, was a lot easier than i imagined to get it :)


A mistake! no, not the baby but the creating of it was a complete accident at first :lol:


A royal crown i think worked out nicely. As most of you know i very rarely edit drawings in pdn i rather create via freehand line tools and such, but i thought i would give it a try..worked out quite nicely :), i got the picture off some site but cant remember the name :(


This beasty helmet was created from scratch (100% pdn) as usual, i did have the png which i have deleted but if you want it i gave it to a few people so may be able to get you a copy :). I actually split this into two main parts, the brush bit (cant remember what its called) and the main metal..then obiviously did colouring and shading serperately.


Eyes that i did from scratch - my first ever attempt at a face/part of a face in pdn :D





'Something else'...Where i put works in progress and some bits what i think "where can i put this??"



Click for more 'something else' work and information:

Hidden Content:

My first proper sig, floral too :shock:


Rainbow Heaven


Speak no evil, inspired by Halloween and of course Gwen, prety simple except getting rid of her mouth was a little tricky :wink:







Glossy smileys


The lips of a woman in a comic book style piece i have just started to work on (going to add a bit of texture to them before i start the nose)


A quick pic of a friend of mine..looks scarily like myself actually



Anyone feeling a bit angry? :idea:


Just a mini update..a simplistic woman, i think it looks kinda nice



Thankyou for reading and looking at my pictures, i would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment voicing your thoughts on my work :mrgreen:.

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Thanks :D, uhm it took quite a while but i used a tutorial (sorry i cant remember whos, i think it was Ash's?) and basically grew upon that. I used a few darken and duplicate layers too. motion, gaussian blur+ and a little bit of smudging at the bottom (you can actually see this i did a bit too much :?, i even slipped a bit on the left but i think i got away with it haha). Added a small glow and highlights to certain bits then played with transparency. Oh and the black background helps LOADS, i know it sounds a bit strange but without it the grass just looks like lifeless shiny green lines. It really brings out the toning (i used several colours) which helps the grass look a bit more rounded.

Hope i helped :wink:

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@Oma: :mrgreen:, your one of the reasons i signed up to the forums hehe i think your work is awesome :shock:. And i promise ill keep some nice ones coming :wink:.

@Welshblue: Ahh hehe thanks you make me blush :oops:. I'm sure you will get it & thanks you making me feel welcome on the forums :mrgreen:

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Ditto with everybody else that said the grasses were masterfully done.

Thankyou :mrgreen:, i know its my best piece but you lot are making me even prouder of it haha. I just put a picture of it in the umbrella thing too 'cuase i think more people will see it and give their opinions than here (as i am not exactly known to the forumers yet [but i know you :P!]).

here are some glossy smilies i made that were inspired by HELEN's and lets face it, everyone has gone glossy mad at the moment :D. These are actually being used by some of my friends in a instant messenger as of 3 days ago :shock:


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Thanks Gamer :D, i love to go for something different that stands out hehe. I'm still trying to find the un-flattened pdn file of the grass so i can make a tutorial/give some people 'grassy tips' but i think i may have accidently saved over it once flattened :(.

On a up note here are two parts of the rose i am working on..the reason they are small etc is because i find realistic work is always best to segment. Sorry if you think it is too small but i hope you can see the picture coming together..i have added a black background so i can see it easier, i think i may delete this when complete, i'm not sure yet



EDIT: See first post for complete rose!

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@ALL: Aww thanks guys, you all make me :oops:. I'm going to have to keep working on this rose then make it bigger for Oma :wink: & HELEN, of course i give you credit, you gave me the idea and i couldn't go stealing it without letting people know the evil genious behind them :mrgreen:. As for leaves well i never even thought of that, thanks welsh :D. Once ive done with the rose i think ill give them a bash and post to see what you think, mind you im not very good with leaves usually..going to take some practice. But thats what i love, trial and error, we all 'gotta learn :lol:.

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you seem like the "realistic king(or queen)". XD :mrgreen:

Haha thanks, King btw :wink:. I still got loaaads to learn and i can tell people are going to keep me on my toes. Its thinking of something that noone/not many have done thats the tricky part :shock:

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@HELEN: Thanks :D, if i can find my file then ill make a tutorial (i wasnt on my main pc and has done a system cleanup :(). BUT! i d have a few parts of the process i used to make it so hopefully all is notl sot and ill give a tutorial a go :shock:

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