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Simplistic but nice looking sig


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That's a nice sig ... you can draw better than me :D

you were in the right place for your sig

User Control Panel >>> Profile >>> Edit signature ... then copy 'n' paste the image link from PhotoBucket (or whichever) into the box you see.

Don't forget the maximum size of ... I can't remember ... check the rules but I think it's summat like 500 x 150 pixels

Aww thankyou guys :D. I really appreciate the help, i cant believe i missed that :shock: ! well heres to happy PDN'ing :D

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haha thanks, ill have a think of what i can add :D. Oh this original post is going to be deleted as i forgot about it and opened up my gallery :oops:. Hope you check it out / enjoy it & sorry guys for having 2 posts in the pictorium, can someone please delete this one?

Thanks :wink:

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