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Cannot install new version

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I uninstalled version 2.64 incorrectly (by deleting folder) and now can't install new version. It tries to remove old version but gives error (cannot remove version 2.64) and closes. I installed gimp but did not like it. Could you please, help me to install new version?

Thanks in advance,


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:(:( Hi there ! I'm very sorry that there's nothing to help us : "the scatterbrains" :D ...

Rovshand ? i'm in the same situation like you.

And i think there's no solution for us ..or just this one Format C:

I tried to install 2.70 but same thing ; setup doesn't start and Pc slow down !

When i go to the temp files to search pdn setup , the setup into it start but stop and tells me that my processor doesn't support this sort of package

More and more problems ! I can't understand because there's just with this install that i have problems and my pc , with all the sofwares in it , works fine

I hope that Vista will help us .. :D Saint Vista ! Pray for us !! :D

To be free To be wild

And to be Just like a child

Mike Oldfield


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