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Cut without the chess board

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I have received a jpeg document with various graphics in it. I have cut two graphics out but the area left behing looks like a chess board.

1) How do I remove the chess board effect leaving behind a plain white background.

2) I wish to then add two other graphics which I have copied to the windows clipboard but when I come to paste I either have the paste button greyed out or I click paste and nothing happens.

so in essence how do I get rid of the chess board effect and also paste a graphic into the remaing space.

Please no comments along the lines of "" if you can't do that simple thing then you should not be using paint ""

everybody has to learn sometime

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The "checkerboard" portion is really transparent. JPEG doesn't support transparency, so it automatically will convert to a solid color on save. If you want it white, you actually don't need to do anything. That is the default color for transparent sections with JPEG. If you want a different color (say you need a JPEG on a web page for some reason, but you want the transparent area to match the color of the page), then you would open another layer underneath the image, fill it with the appropriate color, and then merge the layers.

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