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Paint.NET 2.72 (Win2k) GUI is blurry

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The whole thing - the canvas and all the icons.

I'm on Win2K, SP4, RU1, .NET 2.0, SP1 with Paint.NET 2.72.

Any way to fix this? This is really bizarre and I've never seen an app do this. It looks like the application has applied some sort of hardcore antialiasing to the GUI or something.31111_c40e5e24469f68a2c70d7b2244252a73

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Paint.NET doesn't run on Windows 2000, nor does it have a tolerance slider in the Toolbox anymore, so you're using an old version which is not something we can help you with. As for the blurriness, you have Windows set to high DPI/large text/whatever it was called way back in 2000.


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Old versions of Paint.NET are not supported. You must be using the latest version.

And honestly, Windows 2000 is 10 years old..... it's time to upgrade.

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