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Hello. I've downloaded PDN in order to translate a game to portuguese. It was all going well, up to this three pictures:




I've seen another translation where the guy just ignored the original font style, but I want to keep it. So far I've cut and pasted and streched individual letters or parts of letters from the original images and done this:



wich is good enough (don't you think?)

The problem is that the portuguese word for play is "Jogar", wich includes a J and a g that I can't make. I've tried, for instance, rotating and strechetching the r from credits in order to get a J, but the result is not good. I've tried writing it in Arial and using the outline effect, but the result is also noticeably different.

So, I would appreciate any suggestions on how to make this J and g, or any other way to solve this problem.

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