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Importing new layer changes my canvas size

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I have a couple of related questions.

I want to print 4x6 inch pictures at the local store. The picture will have 4 2x3 inch images.

I created a 4x6 inch project, but when I imported a new layer with a large image, the project size changed to fit the large image and then things got difficult.

When I resize the white background layer back to 4x6, there is a large transparent space left. There must be a better way!

Also, when I finally get things arranged with the four 2x3 images on different layers, the images are not very clear. I know making small images larger makes them blurrier, but I didn't think making large images smaller would do the same.

Is there a better way to do this?

Also, now that I think about it, I think it would work to create a larger project with a 2:3 ratio, say 40x60 inches and then put 4 20x30 inch images on it. The photo printer at the store should scale it down to 4x6 inches. Do you think this would give a clearer picture?


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I took a glance at your problem cause I'll be gone for a few, but you should try playing around with your Canvas Size. (Control + Shift + R) in regards to importing a larger layer.

About your printing issue, try to make sure you're using the right settings cause there's plenty of them.

Hope this helped a bit...

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