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A real open source plugin? Would you participate?

Would you participate?  

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All the plugins that i've open-sourced in the past have been ones that I don't care about and had just one or two lines of important code. A while a ago I (possibly temporarily) gave up on adding native support for APNG to my animated image plugin - it would open them fine and save without exceptions, but other programs wouldn't accept its output. There are also some changes suggested by other people which I don't have time to implement (at least, not on my own) and such functionality may be useful in other applications/plugins.

Because of this, i'm considering licensing it under LGPL, MIT or Apache and uploading it onto Sourceforge or Google Code. However, it would be pointless open-sourcing a non-trivial plugin if no-one would be interested in the project so I am opening a thread to ask this question as well as ask if anyone has an opinion on licenses.

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File formats have been a particular area of interest of mine lately, starting with .ASE and other Adobe formats, so I'd certainly poke around in your APNG code a bit.

Shouldn't this be in Plugin Developer's Central, though?


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That would be great for PDN development. It's only a matter of deciding where to upload the source code (we could even make it the primary place to upload plugins to). Among SourceForge and Google Code, there are many other great open-source sites (Github is great).

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there are many other great open-source sites (Github is great).

Well, personally i'd prefer one that supports SVN (I didn't mention CodePlex because it doesn't natively use SVN). The WHOIS record of GitHub tells me it was registered in 2007 by an individual, so I don't know how long it'll stay around.

Edit: On re-reading, the second part of my comment sounds like FUD, especially given that I can just move it to another site and i'll only use the service to host source code and binaries.

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